Make an Appointment

Opening hours v2023-05The opening hours of Tweuus are by appointment only.

You can propose a time slot for an appointment yourself.

Please, use the ‘Advice’-activity in the below application form, when making an appointment via the web site. The format allows for recording appointments according the time slots that are shown in the table ‘Opening hours’.
Tweuus can be contacted for telephone / video meetings from 9:30 AM (Central European Time = Amsterdam time).

For an overview of the periods to come, see page Calendar.
In case of need for help in filling out the form and making an appointment? Please, see the instructions below.

Instructions to fill out the form / make an appointment:
Please, fill out:

  • the fields “Location” en “Activities”, when requested;
  • select a date after which the day’s time slots will be shown;
  • having selected date and time, various fields need input.

In the “Remarks” field, one can indicate at which location the appointments should take place: your place or at Tweuus’.

Having a preference for another date/time? Choose an open time frame and indicate your alternative date/time slot in the “Remarks” field.

Finally, in a mandatory field, your confirmation is requested to have added the information you provided to a contacts database. Information stored is subject to the Tweuus Privacy Statement.