Covid-19 effects for lessors

The Covid-19 effects for lessors are not addressed in the IASB Exposure Draft (ED) issued on IFRS-16 Covid-19 measures.

Initial signs indicate that the impact for lessors may be greater than the regulator estimates. Effects do not only relate to national or international regulations, but also to the operational state of affairs, mismatch in financing and cash-out (VAT payment) as a result of outstanding invoices.

To gain insight, Tweuus initiated a survey on Covid-19 and its effects for lessors.

See attached the questionnaire for lessors. Participate? This is possible until Wednesday, May 13, end of the working day.

Participants are asked to respond by e-mail and to indicate their company’s country of residence. Unless explicitly requested, no contact information will be stored structurally. All e-mail traffic following this message will be deleted no later than 31 December 2020.

Publication of the results via this website and LinkedIn is planned for early week 21, starting Monday 18 May.