Focus in the 2nd half of 2020

What will be the focus in the 2nd half of 2020?

Corona consequences, Brexit, the latest lease developments?

Probably at least the 3 above.

More concretely about the Corona consequences:

  • How is my company doing?
  • Do I have to adjust my earnings model?
  • How is my liquidity outlook?
  • What is my personal impact?

Tweuus already notices that substantial shifts are coming.

How: in various areas the brakes have of course been applied, but after the standstill a number of companies are still on the handbrake.
Pushing makes little sense as long as the entrepreneur does not first move.

As far as Tweuus is concerned, there has been a shift from physical meetings to tele(phone) meetings.
When there is full time availability again, as from the beginning of September, there will also be mini-tele(phone) meetings in Dutch at fixed times. When interested to join, see the Dutch webshop for the latest Tweuus Tele-meeting.

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