Transition module

The Transition module of the Lease Reporting Model (LRM) is intended for clients of lease companies (lessees), but also for lease companies themselves (lessors), to indicate the results of the different scenarios, which can be chosen when transitioning from IAS 17 to IFRS 16.

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You don’t know how to start the transition to IFRS 16?

Below is a global trajectory on which you have to work yourself; it’s possible to get help from others (including Tweuus), but your own choices are essential.

Which choices are to be made:

  1. Which transition date do I apply: the normal one of 1 January 2019 or the early one of 1 January 2018?
  2. Which mode of transition do I plan to use: full retrospective or modified retrospective?
  3. Will I be making use of the exceptions allowed:
    1. leases which at the time of transition run for less than 1 year;
    2. new leases, after transition, with a term of less than 1 year (to be determined individually);
    3. Low value leases (by asset class)
  4.  Which system adjustments do I like to make or with which provider(s) will I proceed
  5. Which product adjustments to make would (now already) be wise?
  6. Which management decisions, sales pitches and communications should I want to make.

In connection with the choices to be made, also look at the various transition tips in the news overview.


The activities start with an inventory of the extent of’ the ‘problem’: to what extent does it affect my organization:

  1. how many contracts do I have that will be covered by IFRS 16?
  2. do I have all the relevant information available per contract
  3. Which timeline should I manage …
    1. as a lessee towards my analysts, banks, etc.
    2. as a lessor to my customers: what do they want/expect?

Work out

The following services can be used for the elaboration of the plan:

  1. at the numerical level using the Transition module (see one example of reporting)
  2. advice at strategic and tactical/operational level
  3. after the transition to IFRS 16, you can easily continue to use the basic registration of the LRM Transition module to comply with the periodic financial statements reporting obligations.