NieuwsbrievenTweuus maintains contact with its audience via a Newsletter as of the means of communication.

The Dutch-language Newsletter is issued at random times, be it so far at least every quarter,  and is only issued to registered contact persons.

The ‘Tweuus Ontwikkelingen (Developments)’ mention the special issues that are having or have had the attention of Tweuus. There is an emphasis on the financing of business assets for (large) SMEs by means of the product lease in combination with circular economy, sustainability and (international) developments in lease accounting.

If you are interested too and fit within the target group, Tweuus will include you in the database of contact persons for the Newsletter; you can fill in the form below.

Other activities of Tweuus are lease business consultancy and recording lease transactions on behalf of its customers.

The first mentioned activity includes advise on the latest developments in Lease  accounting and Sustainability Reporting. And, of course, how to finetune your business to optimize for teg United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

Recording transaction is performed through the Tweuus Lease Administration System, TWELAS. An important element in transaction recording is the impact on asset value resulting from the current European Union Sustainability Standards Reporting Directive.

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