Tweuus supports the freeing up of time by helping to increase, maintain or obtain ‘financial fitness’. A greater ‘fitness’ means, almost automatically, that there is time left in the area in which you yourself are best at: being commercial.

Both for very small companies, from the level of self-employed with improving and setting up good agreements with clients, to very large companies, when it comes to controlling reporting flows. And all aspects of financial business management in between.

Tweuus’ approach is aimed at running small, short-lived and/or well-organised projects. In this approach, one can think of a combination of:

  • financial overview,
  • financial insight,
  • information need of the (external) customer,
  • control on costs,
  • control on timeliness and ‘returns’.

Small, short and clear advice: think of hours, days, a maximum of one week.

The product of this approach: a clear analysis with concrete proposals for improvement plus, if desired, guidance (support) on implementation.
The advantages for the entrepreneur: concrete advice with an improvement in the financial state of affairs as a result.

Examples to consider:

  • Lessors: a sanity check on the content of your website in respect of leasing;
  • Lessees: Optimum insight into lease transactions through proper accounting;
  • Lessees with international reporting obligations: optimal choices within the forest of possibilities, suitable for the company;
  • Dutch VvE (Vereniging van eigenaars, taking care of the joined responsibility for a residential apartment building): the support and advise regarding multi-year maintenance and liquidity prognoses 
  • Micro-entities, self-employed staff or individuals: support in getting and keeping own finance in control.

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